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Collaboration through Definition

            I really appreciated the foundational, usable advice and tools offered in this week’s article of Letting Go of Literary Whiteness. The section that was particularly noteworthy was the collaborative glossary, because I have seen elements of this strategy utilized at my own student teaching practicum site. In my sixth-grade humanities class, we have what we call the […]

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give was one of those books I have been meaning to get around to reading, but never quite had the time to get to. I am so glad we had the opportunity to read it for this week. It was a truly amazing text and one every white person should read. It […]

Reframing Shakespeare: Contextualizing the 17th Century

I am an unapologetic Shakespeare stan. I absolutely love Shakespeare– I think there is so much value in learning about him and his plays, particularly out of linguistic interest. The progression and history of the English language is absolutely fascinating to me, and Shakespeare’s usage of the language is so unique, fundamental, and important to study. […]

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